Italian Craftsmanship & Uncompromising Vision: The Marco Bicego Story

One of the most luxurious brands from Italy, Marco Bicego’s wares are backed by an impressive legacy of quality and passion.

Sometimes, the eye falls upon a collection that seems to...shine. The uncanny glow of something new is hard to mistake or deny; it cuts through the haze of the banal like a knife. If you, too, are craving something more than ordinary, Marco Bicego might just be the ticket. The spirit of Old World Europe is alive and strong their stunning jewelry styles that are surging in popularity.

Straight Out of Italy

Marco Bicego, only the latest in a line of jewelers hailing from Northern Italy, is the son of Giuseppe Bicego, a self-made man in the world of fine fashion in his own right. Inspired by his father’s success, Marco rolled out his own brand in the year 2000, governed by three principles.

The first was that everything found under the company’s label had to come from their headquarters in Italy. The second was that each piece would be marked with engraved designs in the bulino style, for which they are now world-renowned for. The third concerns the purpose of the jewelry: Bicego sought to create pieces for the contemporary woman, adornment that would accentuate everyday life. He wanted to celebrate commonality, while others at the time were more interested in unnecessary opulence.

The Marco Bicego Process

Now based in Veneto, the Marco Bicego brand continues in the name of fashion in much the same manner as its originator initially intended. Being so close to Italy’s gold epicenter certainly comes with its perks. Precious metal sourced from Vicenza imbues each Marco Bicego piece with an enhanced sense of regality. The company also prefers a more natural look when selecting the gemstones that eventually are set into the jewelry it sells.

Once the raw materials have been gathered, artisans utilize a variety of proprietary techniques, such as their famous gold coiling and aforementioned bulino engraving, all of which culminate into the iconic jewelry you already know and love. Everything they produce is hand-crafted, setting a stark example when compared to the machine-produced regalia of their competitors.

Selects from Our Collection

Marco Bicego makes getting glam criminally easy. Their Jaipur link earrings are a perfect example of the lusty allure of their work; elegant in their simplicity, they serve as a pitch-perfect counterpoint to your favorite evening outfit.

For an exotic bit of flair, you cannot go wrong anywhere in their African Gold collection, especially if you’re searching for a new necklace. Each coin-like element adds movement and energy to your look as you go about your business, day, night, or any time in between.

Finding Your Venetian Bliss at Morgan’s Jewelers

Whether you’re on the prowl for a brand new statement necklace or something slick to pair with your all-time favorite bracelet or fashion ring, our jewelry store is more than adequately prepared to satisfy your needs. In addition to our Marco Bicego collections, we offer plenty more to satisfy anyone regardless of lifestyle or budget. Check out our collections online, in our Torrance, California showroom, or give us a call to book a consultation today.


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