Jewelry Repair

Morgan’s Jewelers offers unparalleled on-site jewelry repair services. Our primary goal is to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. To this end, we provide customers with the highest quality workmanship along with unsurpassed quality and customer care. With nearly 200 years of combined experience, our master jewelers are ready to serve your every need.

Feel free to visit our Southern California showroom in Torrance to take advantage of our array of jewelry repair services, Including:


Prong Retipping

Even the most durable and expertly crafted prongs can become weak or worn over time. As you can imagine, a weak or broken prong can be worrisome when it comes to holding onto the precious gem set in the ring. A simple and effective solution to this issue is to retip the prongs on your ring. By doing so, the additional metal added to the prongs ensures they remain strong for years to come. Our jewelers are experts at prong retipping and can assist you with any type of ring.

Ring Remounting

While simply retipping the ring prongs can be an effective solution, sometimes it is wiser and more efficient to replace the ring's head with a new one. Often times, we recommend this process when prong damage is too severe. Additionally, some customers choose to replace the ring's head with a new one simply to change the look of their ring, or to mount their precious gems in a stronger metal, such as platinum. Regardless of the reason for working on your ring Morgan's takes the utmost care of your precious gems during the process.

Ring Sizing and Resizing

From simple gold bands to intricate diamond rings, we at Morgan’s Jewelers are ready to serve your ring sizing and resizing needs. Our expert jewelers will establish your proper ring size and then professionally size your ring to fit your finger perfectly. Often times, all that is necessary to size a ring is to either remove or add a small amount of the precious metal.

Stone Setting and Replacement

Our jewelers are specialists in stone setting and replacement. Whether it’s a simple solitaire setting to elaborate three-stone or channel settings, our experts at Morgan’s Jewelers are ready to help you with your stone setting needs.

Chain and Bracelet Repair

Our specialists are seasoned authorities in repairing broken and weakened chains, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and charms. To have any of these repairs done by our expert jewelers, please visit our Southern California showroom in Torrance.



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