How Early Should You Buy a Wedding Band?

Learn these tips from our experts here at Morgan’s Jewelers on perfectly timing your wedding band purchase.

A close-up of a couple’s hands, holding their gold wedding bands.

As you approach your wedding date, you’re probably wondering the same thing as many other couples before you: When is the perfect moment to procure your wedding band? Though there's no singular “correct” path to follow, it’s still important to keep your specific time frame in mind whether you're swept up in the romance of engagement or meticulously planning every detail. Join the expert staff at Morgan’s Jewelers in Torrance, California, as we help you discover the right time to buy a wedding band, whenever it aligns with your personal narrative and aspiration for that unforgettable moment.

With the Engagement Ring

For those intrigued by the notion of unity in design, selecting wedding bands concurrently with the engagement ring is a stroke of brilliance. This approach ensures a seamless harmony between the rings, crafting a cohesive narrative of enduring love and shared aesthetics. Opting for this route not only simplifies the decision-making process, but also guarantees that each ring is specifically crafted to complement the other, forming a breathtaking set that symbolizes the intertwining of two souls. If the idea of a matching set resonates deeply within your romantic vision, purchasing both rings simultaneously is a wise choice.

A wedding band and engagement ring set sitting on a wooden walkway.

A Year Before the Wedding

Selecting wedding bands a year ahead of the grand celebration offers a myriad of advantages, particularly for those with a penchant for bespoke elegance. This generous time frame allows you ample opportunities to find the wedding bands that symbolize your unique union. This also gives you time to indulge in the intricacies of custom design, ensuring that every facet of the ring reflects the unique essence of your union and your personality, and that the design is complete in plenty of time before the wedding. Whether it's engraving meaningful initials or incorporating rare gemstones, this more leisurely approach grants the freedom to manifest your dream adornments into tangible, wearable art.

A stunning set of wedding bands and an engagement ring, featuring blue stones.

Six Months Before the Wedding

Selecting wedding bands six months prior to the grand affair strikes a harmonious balance between thoughtful preparation and anticipation for the impending celebration. This time frame also offers a comfortable window of opportunity for those seeking a more customized approach to their wedding bands. Whether you’re intricately weaving family heirlooms into the design, or inscribing heartfelt messages into a new piece, this journey of creation is nearly as significant as the impending nuptials themselves. By purchasing your wedding band six months ahead, you ensure a comfortable buffer in your shopping experience, culminating in a timeless testament to your enduring love.

A Few Months Before the Wedding

With the chiming of wedding bells just a few months away, the time to select your wedding bands is near, infusing the air with a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation. This pivotal moment offers a perfect balance between allowing ample time for shopping and considering your options, and ensuring everything falls seamlessly into place for the big day. Whether you're opting for classic elegance or contemporary chic, an immense array of choices awaits you, ready to adorn your union with everlasting beauty. As you embark on this journey, let the symbolism of your bands serve as a poignant reminder of the love that binds you, ready to be celebrated amidst the joyous festivities that lie ahead.

A close-up of a couple’s hands, with emphasis on their wedding bands.

Discover Gorgeous Wedding Bands at Morgan's Jewelers

Whether you’re buying your wedding band a year in advance or just a few months before the big day, trust Morgan’s Jewelers to help you find the perfect symbol of your union. Explore our expansive selection of wedding bands for the perfect companion piece to your engagement ring, or collaborate with our expert jewelers on our custom design services for a truly one-of-a-kind adornment. We also offer on-site jewelry repair services to ensure your favorite pieces last for a lifetime. Visit our showroom in Torrance, California or contact us to discover the bespoke symbol of your romance today.


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