Guide to Luxury Jewelry Care

For your most treasured jewelry, learn how to clean and care for them properly. 

When to Clean Your Diamond Ring

Your engagement ring is one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry in your collection but with continuous everyday wear, the diamond ring requires the most attention. Your diamond ring should be cleaned once a month at home and taken in to be professionally cleaned every six months. Dust and grime can build up dulling the shine of your diamond and even causing scratches if it is not taken care of promptly.

How to Clean your Diamond Ring at Home

A simple solution of mild soap and warm water is all it takes to restore your diamond to its brilliant luster. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or chemical cleaners, because these can cause damage over time to your diamond and are completely unnecessary. Mix together 3-5 drops of dish soap with one cup of warm water. Let your ring soak for ten minutes and then remove it from the water. Use a very soft toothbrush or cloth to gently scrub your ring, but be careful to not vigorously scrub the diamond. Lastly, dry the ring with a microfiber cloth to avoid any particles rubbing off on the ring.

Guide to Cleaning Luxury Jewelry

The simple soap and water method can be used for most of your fine jewelry at home. For gemstone jewelry make sure the water is lukewarm as some gemstones are very delicate. Earrings are especially important to clean often and it is recommended to clean them once a week. For sensitive ears, make sure to use an antibacterial cleanser like hydrogen peroxide and let the earrings sit in the solution for five minutes before rinsing them in warm water.

Guide to Storing Luxury Jewelry

To keep your jewelry pristine and scratch-free, make sure to store them in a closed container that is lined with felt. The felt lining will not only let jewelry rest softly on the bottom of a container, but the material actually absorbs moisture and prevents tarnishing. Another important aspect of storing jewelry is separating silver jewelry from other fine jewelry. Having barriers between jewelry helps prevent metals from tarnishing when they interact with each other in close quarters.

What to Avoid: Caring for Luxury Jewelry

Some general rules to help you keep your jewelry bright and clean. Avoid washing your hands with your jewelry on. Even though this sounds like a win-win for washing your diamond ring, the oils from the soap can leave residue on your rings over time when not properly scrubbed clean. Avoid leaving fine jewelry laying out in sunlight, especially precious gemstones, and pearl jewelry as they can become bleached or faded. When you’re getting ready in the morning or spending some much-deserved self-care time, take your rings and fine jewelry off so they don’t get coated in lotions, hairspray, perfumes, or soap.

Where to Get Your Fine Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

Even though at-home methods are great for quickly sprucing up your treasured jewelry pieces, sometimes a professional touch is required. If you are located in Torrance or Southern California, Morgan’s Jewelers is the perfect place to get your jewelry professionally cleaned from an experienced jeweler. For fine jewelry containing gold, platinum, diamonds, or colored gemstones, the best practices are used for getting your jewelry shining flawlessly. With each cleaning, get your jewelry inspected for any potential maintenance required like retipping, prong tightening, restringing, channel repair, and more. Visit the Torrance showroom or chat with an expert at for your jewelry cleaning or repair needs. 


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