4 Reasons to Go Engagement Ring Shopping Together

It’s exciting to get exactly what you want in an engagement ring. What’s more? Your proposal can still be romantic and fun!

A classic proposal is pretty high risk, high reward. But when it doesn’t go as planned, things can get messy. Surprise proposals are decreasing as couples prioritize communication and equal partnership. It might seem unusual, but it’s actually romantic and even exciting!

Frequently, couples are having conversations about engagement and marriage before the proposal. If this is something that you and your partner have discussed or something you want to discuss—read on to discover all the reasons engagement ring shopping together might be a better route for your relationship.

Explore Together

Exploring engagement rings will bring out both of your creative sides. It’s fun to learn what you do and don’t like. And it’s even better to find out what you absolutely love!

To find the perfect ring, it’s important you research and explore your options before you walk into a jewelry store. Luckily, it’s easy to peruse engagement ring designs online. As you browse, you will continually narrow down the design(s) that you love. Research topics like the 4 Cs as well as the perfect diamond cut for your ring finger.

The Perfect Size

Get your partner’s ring finger size right the first time! It’s fun to secretly and successfully find your partner’s ring size without their knowledge, but it’s equally exciting to find their size with them. It also takes much less strategizing.

Drop by a local jeweler and ask them to measure your ring finger. There are multiple ways to find this measurement, but they will likely use a ring sizer (like measuring tape) or a finger size measuring ring. The jeweler will find your size and ask questions to help you find the right engagement ring for you.

The Perfect Style

It’s exciting to get the right engagement ring on the first try! In the first step, you narrowed down the styles that you love online. Now it’s time to shop in-store.

Try on a variety of engagement ring styles from the “love” list. Having the opportunity to see these engagement rings on your hand will allow you to eliminate choices you thought you would like. A diamond cut that you adored online simply fizzles out on your hand. A ring setting that you were on the fence about, you’re now all about!

Make a New Tradition

When you shop engagement rings together, you don’t get the full Surprise Proposal Event™. However, the proposal itself can still be a revelation! Leave the time and date of the proposal itself as a surprise. This is where the proposer and “proposee” dynamic still shines. There is also an added anticipation when you know the proposal is coming, but have no idea when! Just make sure not to wait too long...

Handpick the Perfect Engagement Ring

If you have decided to go engagement ring shopping together, start your journey at Morgan's Jewelers. Explore our wide selection of designer bridal jewelry and receive expert guidance from our highly skilled staff. Your happiness is our top priority. For unparalleled service and selection, shop bridal jewelry at Morgan’s Jewelers.


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