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Uno de 50 For Summer

July starts strong. ELLE proclaims the seventies trend as real protagonist of the summer through the bohemian accessories where Unode50 has established itself as a must have. ‘Memorize the code’ effortless chic ‘and sweeps the sand’.

A summer where the spirit of freedom is synonymous with thirst for independence. Looks casual and carefree where our creations are the stars through maxi necklaces, bracelets endless combinations to create the so-called ‘full wrist’, and becomes imperative turquoise color of your ‘Summer looks’.

Summer is here and with our most #Culpabledeseryo attitude. Have fun, feel free to make the most unexpected crazy … Travel, collects unique, unforgettable moments … For this summer, as announced ELLE, summer is the Seventies Marea. Make your own!

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